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Having an Experienced, Former Prosecutor as your Attorney can make all the difference in the outcome of your case. Criminal Defense Attorney Paige McCormick has over 30 years experience of handling Criminal Law matters in the Denton County area. If you have any questions regarding your legal matter, contact Paige to schedule a free consultation.

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Former Felony Prosecutor

While working in the Denton County prosecutor’s office for over 15 years, Paige was in court regularly. She was able to develop relationships with the other prosecutors and the judges in the courts and gained insight into how to effectively prepare and present effective arguments.

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Paige McCormick is a Former Felony Prosecutor with over 30 years experience and she knows the system from the inside. Call Paige Directly at (940) 591-7988

Denton Criminal Defense Attorney

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Why Should You Hire a Former Felony Prosecutor as Your Criminal Defense Attorney?

Only a former prosecutor has the knowledge and insight into how the State thinks and acts. As a former felony prosecutor, Attorney Paige McCormick knows exactly where to look for holes or flaws in the State’s case. Paige has served as a Felony Prosecutor in Denton, Wise/Jack, & Tarrant counties. Other defense attorneys without the same level of experience may miss such flaws, which could be detrimental to their clients’ criminal cases.

Insight Into The State’s Case

Today, attorney Paige McCormick practices strictly criminal defense in Denton, Cooke, & Wise Counties. When she left the District Attorney’s Office, she took with her the experience and knowledge that she had acquired during her career. She knew that she could use her inside knowledge to the advantage of those being charged with criminal offenses in Texas.

Throughout her legal career, she has garnered a reputation for being detailed, aggressive, and passionate in her legal representation. She is motivated by results and committed to the success of her clients. If you are looking for the best legal representation in Denton, Cooke, or Wise County, having a former felony prosecutor such as Paige McCormick on your side could potentially make all the difference in the outcome of your criminal charges.


Commitment to Justice For Our Clients

When faced with possible criminal charges, from a first offense to a probation revocation, our best legal advice is to hire a local, experienced attorney who will fight aggressively to protect your rights, guide you through the complicated criminal justice system, and provide honest legal counsel with your best interests in mind.  At the Paige McCormick Law Firm, we are committed to our passion and our clients—we know the law and we know that our representation can have serious implications on the rest of your life. See below to learn more about the areas of criminal defense that we specialize in:


As your Defense Attorney, Paige will stand with you and will deal with any local, state, or federal law enforcement agency issues in the course of a criminal investigation. Once you have retained her services, you will no longer be alone through the process. If you are charged with a crime, she will appear at every court proceeding from the time you are charged until the time your case is disposed of. Paige is dedicated when it comes to serving her clients and the community and is ready to help you protect your record.

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