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Attorney Profile

While working in the Denton County prosecutor’s office for over 15 years, Paige was in court regularly. She was able to develop relationships with the other prosecutors and the judges in the courts and gained insight into how to effectively prepare and present successful arguments. She also served as a Felony Prosecutor in Tarrant & Jack / Wise Counties.

About Paige McCormick

Paige was born in Dallas, but grew up in Houston.  Her dad worked at M.D. Anderson Hospital after serving in the Navy.  Her mother was a public school teacher.


Paige attended Baylor University and completed her B.A. in Political Science.  She was accepted to the Baylor University School of Law and received her Juris Doctor in 1987.  During law school, she clerked for the Bell County District Attorney’s Office in Belton and for local Waco attorney Ray Black.

Prior Experience

Paige has a deep love for children that has dictated many of the choices in both her personal and professional life. That’s why she has spent the majority of her career as a prosecutor working on cases involving crimes against children. Paige was the chief of the Child Abuse Unit in Denton County for 8 years where her team handled cases involving serious child sexual or physical abuse and exploitation of children including fatalities. Paige has also worked in the Tarrant County Crimes Against Children / Special Victims Unit as part of multi-disciplinary teams that included advocacy center personnel, police, counselors, medical treatment providers, and CPS. Additionally, Paige also spent several years in the Tarrant County Narcotics Task Force as one of three prosecutors where she worked with law enforcement, civil seizure units, and ran the “snitch” committee.

Former Felony Prosecutor in Denton, Wise / Jack, And Tarrant

Paige’s passion for serving her community defines her family life as well.  She has been married over 20 years to Danny McCormick, a lifelong Denton resident who is a former Denton Police Officer.  Danny is a former assistant chief investigator at the Tarrant County District Attorney’s Office and is now a private investigator with Third Chair Investigations in Fort Worth.

Paige and Danny have 4 children and 2 dogs at home.

Paige also has 2 stepchildren and 3 grandchildren.  Her son-in-law is currently stationed at Wright Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio.

A Love For Her Community

Throughout her career, Paige has continually been recognized by her peers and the community at large for her outstanding legal work and her dedication to defending helpless children on the worst cases imaginable. Her many professional awards include the Denton County Employee of the Year Finalist on 2 separate occasions, the Most Valuable Team Member at the Denton County Children’s Advocacy Center, and her outstanding work has even earned her an appearance on true-crime reality series, Snapped.

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