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Internet Crimes

While working in the Denton County prosecutor’s office for over 15 years, Paige was in court regularly. She was able to develop relationships with the other prosecutors and the judges in the courts and gained insight into how to effectively prepare and present successful arguments. She also served as a Felony Prosecutor in Tarrant & Jack / Wise Counties.

Internet Crimes Defense

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The first reaction many people have when accused of an internet crime is to erase their hard drive in hopes of destroying the evidence. However, if you proceed in this fashion you may incur even harsher penalties for your actions. Instead, you need the expertise and guidance of a criminal defense attorney who understands the complexities of internet crimes and can help dismantle the prosecution’s case against you.

Paige McCormick serves clients charged with internet crimes including:

  • Cyber or computer fraud
  • Phishing
  • Identity theft
  • Sexual solicitation
  • Virus distribution
  • Credit card fraud
  • Sale of counterfeit goods

The law office of Paige McCormick will seek weaknesses in the evidence and proactively pursue either dispelling or, at the very least, lessening the charges, depending on the more favorable outcome for your unique situation.

Protecting Your Rights

The very nature of the internet immediately puts privacy into question. By the time you are accused of an internet crime, an entire case may have already been built against you. Government officials may have been investigating you before you were even aware. Certain laws safeguard you against illegal operations, search and seizures, and entrapments. Let the office of Paige McCormick ensure your rights are protected and take action on your behalf. Knowing all the working complexities of state and federal laws is his job and he has the knowledge, experience, and strategies to fight your case for you while ensuring your rights remain intact.


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